How to join?

  1. Join the club: The first step in getting started is to join the VW Challenge Club. You can do this by downloading the membership form (PDF). Please complete the form and, with proof of payment, fax it to 086 665 1515 or email it to
  2. Get an MSA Race Licence: The next step in the process is to get an MSA (Motorsport South Africa) race licence. For any sanctioned Motorsport event in South Africa, you will need the applicable licence. Motorsport South Africa has provided a guide on how to do this on their website (PDF).
  3. Suit up: Motor racing, like any form of motorsport, is a serious business. Ensure that you have the right safety equipment. The essentials include but are not limited to the following:
    • Protective Helmet (A fireproof helmet is always a good option. It is said by many wise racing drivers “10 dollar head, 10 dollar helmet”)
    • Fire resistant balaclava
    • Fire resistant Gloves
    • Fire resistant Boots
    • Fire resistant Overall
    • Fire resistant Underwear is optional.
  4. Get your car & Drive it: Once you have your MSA Licence, you are ready to race! If you have never raced before, you will have a “Mentor” assigned to you. He or She will guide you through all the necessary do’s & don’ts, safety & queries you might have.
  5. Bringing your new car: If you are bringing a new car to the VW Challenge, please review our rules. Rules are published at the beginning of each season but are sometimes amended by circulars that are published by MSA.
    2023 Rules (PDF)

If you are still new to racing & not sure which class to join, a really good place to start is Class C. There are lots of new people racing there & good fun is always guaranteed.

Sponsors are vital to keep our series running and to give them some return you will have to carry their logos on your car. The diagram below shows the position their stickers must be on the car.

If you have never raced before, it is highly recommended that you contact the class representative for the class you wish to join & request that they assist you on a track day. This would go a long way to getting you started.

If you have any technical, process, class or any other queries, please contact any one of our representatives shown here. May you have many successful races within the VW Challenge & we hope to see you at the track soon.