Etienne Prinsloo

Derick Smalberger
Home Town: Pretoria, Centurion
Born in Pretoria, Centurion
Birthday 29 March
Occupation: Stock/store Manager
Car # 11
Class A
Team Name: Sasfin
Sponsor: Sasfin
How long have you been in VW Challenge: Been a member since 2004
Previous experience in motor racing:1. Go Karts 1992-2000
2. VW Challenge Venditor Golf Class B 2004
3. VW Challenge Venditor Polo Class A 2005-2006
4. Production Cars Bizhub motor sport polo 2006 - 2007
5. Production cars T class Mazda Motorsport MPS 2008-2009
6. VW Challenge Bizhub polo class A 2010- 2011
7. Polo Cup Sasfin Polo 2012- 2013
8. VW Challenge Sasfin FSI Polo Class A
Etienne Prinsloo, Car 11

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